Natural Immunity in Healthy Soil

Walter Jehne has worked extensively on the recolonisation of degraded soils with mycorrhizal fungi, and the rebuild of productive biosystems. We’re so looking forward to hosting the internationally-renowned soil microbiologist at our Regenerative Soil Solution Conference in March at Lincoln University.

Here he is in conversation with ABC Radio’s Richard Hudson at a conference in September, explaining the impact of regenerative agriculture on climate change and creating more productive yields for farmers.

“Ninety five per cent of the biofertility of soils is about these microbial processes, not the actual nutrient content in the soil or how much we put on as fertiliser.”

“Once we get those microbial ecological functions happening a lot of the problems go away, including diseases, which are imbalances where pathogens have a population explosion, but in a healthy soil we have enough natural immunity so that doesn’t happen.”

Walter Jehne: Farm Weekly, Australia

Read more of the interesting interview with Walter here:

The Regenerative Soil Solution Conference 2020

On March 7 & 8th, 2020, we will be holding our Annual Conference at Lincoln University on the subject of Regenerative Farming. The weekend will consist of a full programme of expert speakers – Walter Jehne, Prof Jack Heinemann, Paul Smith, Alistair Humphrey, Phyllis Tichinin, Dr Mike Joy – and regenerative farmers – Simon Osborne, Jono Frew, Peter Barrett, Nigel Greenwood, Hamish Bielski. Agricultural Economist, Peter Fraser will be our Master of Ceremonies. Join us on a guided fieldtrip, and enjoy a catered m­enu of delicious, local organic food.

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