Looking to Switch to Organic Fertilisers?

Rising costs for synthetic fertilisers and farmers becoming more aware of their environmental footprint is pushing up demand for organic fertilisers.


This recent article from Radio New Zealand brings the welcome news that more and more farmers are switching to organic fertilisers with an eye to the environment.

Soil has a highly complex structure, held together with fungi and bacteria, and full of microorganisms, all working in a mutually beneficial environment. Without all these components, soil is just dirt. This foodweb needs to be carefully nurtured to remain fertile and disease resistant, and modern agricultural fertilisers have the opposite effect.

Over time, organic fertilisers increase the soil foodweb’s ability to build up micronutrients, which in turn reduces the amount of fertiliser required and also reduces the need for pesticides.

Many of the ODPG’s suppliers offer organic fertilisers, and there are different types to choose from. Check out our Suppliers page to find out who the suppliers are and what they can offer your soil. Also listed are specialists who can test and assess your soil and find out exactly what you need to make your farm thrive.

If you’re just at the beginning of making environmentally-friendly changes to your farm, our Farm Membership offers resources, webinars and group messages for asking farm-related questions. And 2022 membership fees are only $80 inc gst until the 17th of January.

Main Photo Credit: Allisa Welker

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