Open Farms 2023 Calls for More Participating Farmers

The date for Open Farms 2023 has been set. On Sunday March 12th, participating farms around the country will open their gates to let the public learn more about all the work that goes in to feeding them.

In the previous two years, 82 farms have hosted an amazing 7,000 visitors, and the results have been very positive, with 91% of visitors keen to repeat the experience. The demand for more farms is huge, so Open Farms is making it even easier for farmers to host an event next year, and they’ll get heaps of support.

“There’s a mindset piece – farmers feel a renewed sense of pride when seeing their farm through fresh eyes or sparking a passion for food production in others. There are tangible economic benefits to hosting too. We’ve seen farmers use their open day to build team morale, hire new people or market a direct-to-customer business model.”

Daniel Eb (Open Farms NZ) | Farmers Weekly article

If you’re interested in hosting an event on your farm, visit their website to find out more: Open Farms – New Zealand’s national open farm day. 

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

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