Peter Barrett: ODPG Conference Spotlight

Peter Barrett is a remarkable Regenerative Farmer who manages 12,000 ha at Linnburn Station. At our conference in March, he’ll be giving advice about Cover Crops as an essential part of regenerative farming.

Peter was born in Wellington but moved to the UK & US where he ended up working in finance. In 2003, he returned to New Zealand and founded ‘Escape Rentals NZ’; the first affordable campervan hire company. After selling Escape NZ in 2007, Peter set up Escape Campervans USA, and it became North America’s largest campervan company.

During that time, Peter got involved in the high level management of Linnburn Station. He moved there in 2012 and commenced a regenerative agriculture journey, combining his financial entreprenerial background with his love of farming to turn the station into a success.

The Regenerative Soil Solution Conference 2020

On March 7 & 8th, 2020, we will be holding our Annual Conference and AGM at Lincoln University on the subject of Regenerative Farming. The weekend will consist of a full programme of expert speakers and regenerative farmers, a guided fieldtrip, and a catered m­enu of delicious, local organic food and wines.

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