Introducing Phil Callahan’s Work: ODPG Conference 2021

Phil Callahan’s keen observations led him to spend a lifetime studying how insects use infrared radiation and electromagnetism as a communication system for finding food, mates and navigating their environment. His many books enlighten readers into how Physics really works in nature. Steve Erickson will give a presentation of Phil’s work and tell how this knowledge will help you better understand the inner workings of your farm. Continue reading Introducing Phil Callahan’s Work: ODPG Conference 2021

On Farm Fertility: Webinar

This Webinar will touch on the five areas that we at Chaos Springs have found important to firing up the biological engine of your farm, they include Precise Composting Methods, Farm Specific Plant Extracts, Appropriate Crop Rotations, Accurate Grazing Management, Energetic Systems. Continue reading On Farm Fertility: Webinar