Introducing Phil Callahan’s Work: ODPG Conference 2021

Presented by STEVE ERICKSON (Chaos Springs) | Physics in Agriculture

Philip S. Callahan, Ph. D., schooled as an entomologist, was stationed in Ireland as a radio technician during World War II. His keen observations led him to spend a lifetime studying how insects use infrared radiation and electromagnetism as a communication system for finding food, mates and navigating their environment. He has written many books on these subjects that will enlighten readers into how Physics really works in nature.

Steve Erickson will give a presentation of Phil’s work and tell how this knowledge will help you better understand the inner workings of your farm.

Steve & Jenny Erickson have been running Chaos Springs since June of 2001 and have been Organic and Biodynamic practitioners since 1983. The farm runs Dairy heifers, orchards market gardens and Forestry. Steve has been a commercial compost maker since 1993 and has developed a unique system of internal nutrient cycling on their farms. He is a long-time student of Phil Callahan.



This year our two-Day ODPG Conference & AGM is venturing into new territory…

With FIVE renowned speakers and TWO farm field-trips, we’ll be delving into the concepts of Biodynamics, Paramagnetism, Skeletal Sensory Shock, Electromagnetism, Infrared Radiation and Homeopathy as we investigate the role of Physics in Agriculture.

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