ODPG 2021 Conference: Chair’s Invitation

Thinking long-term is not a human concept.

It’s a challenge to interpret what Mother Nature has planned for us day to day let alone decades or centuries ahead. For those on the land, as much as we attempt to plan ahead there is always an unexpected phenomenon to trip us up.

I see the long-term journey as adapting to our environment. Adaptation not confrontation. To assist our adaptation we need a greater understanding of the forces around us to be able to work alongside them.

During our two day ‘Physics in Agriculture’ we will reveal and investigate some of these energies, electrical currents and associated activity exuded by our living planet, the real world of ‘magic’.

We will not be recording the event this year. Our hope is to invite our speakers to participate in future webinars when it’s convenient.

So, do join us for an uplifting two day event as we introduce you to the world of physics in agriculture.

We are hosting five inspirational individuals revealing lessons to carry forward for the long-term.

Janette Perrett, ODPG Chair



This year our two-Day ODPG Conference & AGM is venturing into new territory…

With FIVE renowned speakers and TWO farm field-trips, we’ll be delving into the concepts of Biodynamics, Paramagnetism, Skeletal Sensory Shock, Electromagnetism, Infrared Radiation and Homeopathy as we investigate the role of Physics in Agriculture.

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