The Woodwide Web: Part 2

We had a look at Suzanne Simard’s work with trees last month, and here’s an article which takes this work further and also looks at the experiments of America’s leading lie detector expert, Cleve Backster. Backster started with a small experiment to pass some time, and ended up spending 40 years compiling evidence of incredible plant awareness.

A variety of plants that had been hooked up to his polygraph equipment showed evidence of a reaction to human emotional highs and lows, especially threats and other forms of negative intention.

Largely because he lacked scientific credentials, Backster was never recognized for his contributions. But he had stumbled across the first evidence that living things like plants engage in a constant two-way flow of information with their environment, enabling them to register even the nuances of human thought.

Lynne McTaggart

Photo by David Alberto Carmona Coto from Pexels

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