WEBINAR: Effective Micro-Organisms (EM)

This year we’ll be continuing our regular webinars on all sorts of farming topics as part of a programme provided to our members.

HOSTPaul Daly (Naturefarm)
TIME7:30 p.m to approx 9:00 p.m
ONLINE via Zoom

Fourteen years ago I was introduced to EM and it’s as much part of my life now as it was all those years ago.

EM is a specific group of naturally-occurring beneficial micro-organisms with an amazing ability to revive, restore, and preserve. This technology was developed in Japan by Dr Higa, who was looking for an alternative to the use of chemicals in agriculture, and it now has an enormous following worldwide.

As the name suggests the micro-organisms are effective and to their credit they are very effective in many environments! We use them for fertilizer, teat spray, disinfectant, on fruit trees, on the vegetable garden, to heal a dog’s lesion, cure a cold sore on my lip, as a drench for sick animals and in water troughs as a tonic…

The initial 20 litres of EM1 was purchased from Naturefarm in Christchurch and by using a simple method of expansion that 20 litres provided us with 530 litres of EM2. We continue to expand the initial product but have learned that after the second generation the solution doesn’t support actinomycetes, fungi and photosynthetic bacteria so can no longer be regarded as EM. Effectively we are now applying a Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) in our fertilizer mix.

Now that I have everyone’s attention it is my pleasure to invite you all to our webinar Effective Micro-organisms with Paul Daly from Naturefarm, Wednesday 26th May @ 7.30pm. Paul will explain the concept behind EM and share how the product has expanded into other areas. Everyone needs to mark this one on the calendar.

Janette Perrett | ODPG CHAIR


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Main Photo Credit: Jordan White (Unsplash)

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