Trending Back to Dairy Milk in NYC

With so many people claiming that alt milks are a path to dietary nirvana, Hesse posits that ordering “real” dairy milk has become an act of quiet rebellion.

Whole Milk Mounts Its Triumphant Comeback | Emily Sundberg, Grub Street

The switch to ‘alt milks’ (soy, almond and oat, to name the favourites) has been huge over the past few years. But Baristas in New York City are noticing a growing trend, which has them opening bottle after bottle of cows’ milk as customers start to replace the alternative milk in their coffee with the old familiar dairy version.

Read all about it in this in this Grub Street article from New York Magazine:

One thought on “Trending Back to Dairy Milk in NYC

  1. When my sister visited my family in Wellington, she and her husband had a habit of ordering glasses of milk, cold milk, when their food arrived. Then they would wait for the milk to be served ice cold. They wouldn’t eat their food until the milk arrived. Not soy milk, not almond milk, good New Zealand milk. They are from Wisconsin, as am I, and good milk is something of a delicacy for us. I’m not surprised that this is a trend.

    As a side note, a lot of the milk served at cafes in Wellington is certified organic. Barista’s say that it makes better lattes.

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