Urgent Action Needed for Soil Pollution

Pollution of the world’s soils will only get worse if urgent action isn’t taken, concludes a new UN report. And this will have a devastating effect on our fragile ecosystems and human health.

The cause of pollution varies from country to country, but the main culprits are industrial chemicals, mining, farming and badly-managed waste. On top of that comes erosion, acidification, salt contamination and compaction.

Soil takes thousands of years to form. We have lost an estimated 135bn tonnes of soil since the Industrial Revolution and fertile soil is now being lost at a rate of 24bn tonnes a year (UN Report 2017).

Soil pollution is expected to increase unless there is a rapid shift in production and consumption patterns and a political commitment towards a real sustainable management where nature is fully respected.

Global Assessment of Soil Pollution | UN Report 2021

Thanks to Sam Hogg for mentioning this article.

Photo Credit: Red Zeppelin (Pexels)

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