Walter Jehne: In-Depth on the Soil Carbon Sponge

We were lucky to host renowned soil microbiologist and climate scientist, Walter Jehne, at our 2020 ODPG Conference. He impressed us with the extent of his research into the importance of the Soil Carbon Sponge where climate change is concerned. (Watch his presentation here). His work is considered by many as crucial, and also hopeful for the future.

Thanks to Phyllis Tichinin for spotting this very in-depth interview with Walter on the Eco-Farming Daily website. It’s written in terms which are easy to understand, and well worth taking some time to have a read.

I’ve come to understand that the increase in atmospheric CO2 is a symptom, a measure of land degradation or forest fires. It’s really the blood on the floor. And it’s not about mopping up the blood on the floor or predicting how much blood there will be on the floor. What’s important is to stop the bleeding.

Walter Jehne | Interview by Tracy Frisch in Eco-Farming Daily

Photo Credit: Alissa Welker

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