Walter Jehne: ODPG Conference Presentation

Explaining the Soil Carbon Sponge

We’ve come to the final, and the longest, presentation from our conference in March, this time by our main guest speaker, renowned soil-microbe scientist, Walter Jehne.

Walter looks at how Organic and Regenerative principles restore soil function, restore the filtering of nutrients, restore soil carbon and restore water storage; all of which mitigate and reverse Climate Change. Put aside a decent amount of time to concentrate on this interesting and informative presentation, which comes in three parts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed watching. Next, we’ll be starting a series of interactive webinars on lots of different aspects of farming, so keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

If you were unable to attend our two-day conference ‘The Regenerative Soil Solution’ in March at Lincoln University and hear all the knowledgeable speakers, we have released all the videos for which we have permission, along with the presentation slides where possible. These are available by clicking on the button above, or on our YouTube channel.

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