WEBINAR: Advancing Animal Wellness

This year we’ll be continuing our regular webinars on all sorts of farming topics as part of a programme provided to our members.


HOSTCynthia Northcote and Emily House from 5th Biz
TIME7:30 p.m to approx 9:00 p.m
ONLINE via Zoom

‘The best scientists in the world have four feet, a furry coat and a tail’ is a quote often used by Peter Bacchus.

Organic management teaches the farmer to be more vigilant and observe the environmental interactions occurring around us that influence the wellbeing of our ‘four legged scientists’. They can’t speak but the information collected by 5th Biz can.

5th Business Agri provides independent advice not tied to the sale of a product. Cynthia Northcote has taken up the challenge of marketing and managing that which her husband spent years developing. It was their love for the land and animals that initiated the need to better understand the animal-pasture link.

On Wednesday we will be hosting Cynthia and colleague Emily House on our fortnightly webinar where they will explain the DietDecoder and the difference between mineral deficiencies and mineral insufficiencies.  There is a constant need for farmers to understand how to measure these shortfalls and we look forward to sharing this concept with you.

Cynthia from 5th Biz is one of ODPG’s sponsors who I have asked to participate in a webinar on Wednesday 24th March @ 7.30pm. For those unable to attend on the night the event will be recorded and made available through the member’s resources page of our website. (You will need to be logged in to view). All previously recorded webinars from the series are available through this page.

Without sponsorship ODPG would not be able to function as we do. Please join me over the coming weeks as we applaud these businesses who are as equally passionate and devoted to the health of our land as we are.

Janette Perrett (Webinar Co-Host and ODPG Chair)


Cost: FREE

  • The Zoom Webinar link will be emailed directly to members before the event.
  • The Webinar will be recorded for those members who are unable to attend.


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Cover Photo Credit: Cottonbro (Pexels.com)

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