Zero-Emission Biomethane Tractors

Plenty of pulling power, zero-emission, twelve-hour running time on refillable cartridges, and one-third the weight of a conventional tractor, the world’s first hybrid bio-methane and electric tractor has arrived.

The new tractor is the result of a three year project by major organic food producer, Auga in Lithuania, who manage 96,000 acres of organic farming land. The project was triggered by their shock at the high levels of their carbon emissions.

Our mission is to bring technology to farmers and create a new carbon value chain, deliver consumers food with no cost to nature, and by consuming the foot people will be making a positive impact on climate change every day. We will produce a model for food production at no cost to nature.

Kestutis Jusciu | AUGA CEO

Take a look at how this beautiful beast works in this explanatory video on how Auga tackled all the challenges the design presented :

Photo Credit: Fabien Burgue (Pexels)

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