Regenerative Hot Dogs

This is a big moment for regenerative agriculture. People are concerned about the environment and thoughtful about how their food choices affect the planet.

David Rizzo | Co-Leader of Land to Market

Land to Market, a Savory Institute initiative, aims to bring together brands across the world who are seeking to promote food containing raw materials that have been farmed regeneratively, using a protocol of measured outcomes.

Keller Crafted, a Californian company, have risen to the challenge by creating one of the best loved U.S snack foods – the humble hot dog sausage – using regeneratively-farmed beef.

We know hot dogs hold a special place in Americans’ lives. People eat them, but are never quite sure what mystery meat they’re consuming. With the new Keller Crafted regenerative beef hot dog we’re turning the tables on that dynamic and exposing all the goodness that goes into every link.

Mark Keller | CEO of Keller Crafted

Find out more about the Land to Market initiative by visiting the Savory Global site:

With thanks to Fiona Ellmers for sharing.

Photo Credit: Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels.

*Please note that the hot-dogs pictured are not the Keller Crafted hot dogs.

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