FARMLANDS: Conference Sponsor Profile

We’re very happy to have the sponsorship of several great companies for our 2020 Conference ‘The Regenerative Soil Solution’. All the companies have been so supportive of our message, and we look forward to having them with us at Lincoln University in March.

It’s great to have Farmlands on board at our conference as they are one of our long-term supporters. They have a wide, and growing, range of certified organic products in response to the growth of the organic industry. The organic initiative is overseen by Gaz Ingram, as Farmlands Organic and Biological Manager. Gaz works across multiple crop type and growing operations focused into organic production.

Here at Farmlands, we can assist you with your rural supplies such as fencing and hardware, and we can also help with organic crop protection and nutrition inputs.

Farmlands is Biogro certified to retail organic products and we have even certified a few of our own! We have a field team of Technical Field Officers who can meet with you on your farm, to better understand your business, and advise you on how we can add value to your operation.

We’re here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Email:
  • Enquiries:  027 511 8097
  • Contact:   Gaz Ingram | Organic and Biological Manager
  • Address:   Branches and Field team available nationwide

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