NZ KELP: Conference Sponsor Profile

We’re very happy to have the sponsorship of several great companies for our 2020 Conference ‘The Regenerative Soil Solution’. All the companies have been so supportive of our message, and we look forward to having them with us at Lincoln University in March.

Roger Beattie is a true pioneer, regularly coming up with ’10 new ideas before breakfast’. With the help of his wife, Nicki – a medical doctor – NZ Kelp evolved with home trials of feeding locally harvested, home-dried Giant Kelp to their family, plants and animals and seeing amazing results.

Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) contains 29 trace elements, is a good source of iodine and has three times the potassium content compared to sodium. A little goes a long way.

NZ Kelp produces Dried Kelp products – Zelp Powder for sowing seed, Flour for foliar spray and Kibble/Meal for Animal health.

All of our Zelp kelp is:

  • Fresh – Our Kelp is hand gathered fresh from live plants in New Zealand’s clean waters.
  • Nutrient rich – New Zealand’s richest natural source of Iodine & contains over 29 trace elements.
  • Traceable – We can tell you where & when your batch of kelp was harvested & who harvested it.
  • Sustainable – NZ Giant Kelp is sustainably managed under New Zealand’s world renown Quota Management System (QMS)
  • Certified Organic – All of our products are fully certified organic with AsureQuality.

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