Have Your Say on Glyphosate Usage

If you have something to say about the use of Glyphosate in the environment, here are two links to online Glyphosate actions – one a call for submissions, and the other a petition to reduce usage :

A call for info on Glyphosate from the Environmental Protection Agency:

“We want to find out from importers, manufacturers, professional users, retailers, organisations, community groups and the public:

  • information that is relevant to the current use, practices, and benefits of glyphosate products
  • evidence of the effects of glyphosate products: positive or adverse impacts; toxicology; ecotoxicology; environmental fate studies; or monitoring results
  • how glyphosate products are used and applied in different areas, for example, agricultural, domestic, in public areas, for conservation, or as an aquatic herbicide
  • your views on the positive or negative impacts you think glyphosate products have on our environmental, economic, social and cultural wellbeing.” (Environmental Protection Agency)

Submissions end on the 22nd October.


An Anti-Glyphosate Petition from the Soil and Health Association

“This is about the health of our environment and all of us who live in it.

Glyphosate-based weedkillers are used too often, and in too many places they shouldn’t be. This can make people ill and will damage our soils and precious wildlife.

We think glyphosate should be a tool of last resort rather than the first thing we turn to.

World-wide, glyphosate is being phased out and New Zealand is falling behind on this.

We want the government to step in.” (Soil & Health Association)

Click to find out more information and sign:


Photo Credit: Harry Cooke (Pexels)

One thought on “Have Your Say on Glyphosate Usage

  1. If you want to protect the soil, it’s best not to cultivate it. This leaves it covered with an armour of plant residue to protect it from wind, water and temperature whilst feeding the soil biology.

    To do this you need to terminate the cover to allow the crop to establish. This requires glyphosate.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    One application of glyphosate a year is a much better option than watching soil blow/wash away.

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