PENERGETIC: 2021 Conference Sponsor Profile

For our 2021 Conference ‘PHYSICS IN AGRICULTURE’ on March 21st and 22nd in Waihi, our sponsor places were filled in record time!

We’re delighted to welcome PENERGETIC New Zealand Ltd. as a new ODPG Commercial Member this year, with Stuart Chaney at the helm. Penergetic’s work in bio-stimulation fits in well with the subject of the conference.

About Penergetic New Zealand Ltd.

With the impulse of nature.
Penergetic may be a new entrant into growth activators in New Zealand’s agricultural
market however it has been highly active globally and is now successfully distributing into
40 countries a broad range of energetically programmed products that directly stimulate
bioactivity in soil, plants, compost, manure, animal feed, and water. “Desired improvements
in agriculture, such as better growth or resistance, can be stimulated with Penergetic
(Company manual). Importantly, Penergetic products confront the root cause of
problems instead of simply addressing the symptoms. This sustainable treatment results in
stronger plant growth with increased yields giving rise to healthier and more vibrant crops
and animals, with less reliance on agri-chem inputs.

Our vision. Our drive.
Our vision is one of a high-performing and efficient agriculture. An agriculture that
preserves resources and makes optimal use of natural potential. An agriculture that already
thinks about future generations today.



This year our two-Day ODPG Conference & AGM is venturing into new territory…

With FIVE renowned speakers and TWO farm field-trips, we’ll be delving into the concepts of Biodynamics, Paramagnetism, Skeletal Sensory Shock, Electromagnetism, Infrared Radiation and Homeopathy as we investigate the role of Physics in Agriculture.

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