The Beautiful Biology of Plant Communication

This short, fascinating TED talk featuring experiments by neuroscientist, Greg Gage, shows how plants communicate with each other, and can even count. Watch an impulse from a Venus Flytrap trigger a reaction from a Mimosa, and find out why flytraps don’t close their jaws on first sensing movement, but are capable of measuring time.

Find out more ways that plants communicate in this article by Mental Floss, which explains how:

  • plants can call for help
  • plants can eavesdrop
  • plants can defend their territory
  • plants can recognise their siblings
  • and communicate with mammals

And check out our article links to research on tree communication, affectionately known as the Woodwide Web.

The Woodwide Web – research by Suzanne Simard

The Woodwide Web Part II – research by Cleve Backster

Photo by Izabella Bedő from Pexels

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