What Can and Can’t Be Done

The topics of climate change and waterways are a big focus for change in NZ farming. A former agriculture journalist asks, instead of concentrating on the negatives of the hard task ahead, why aren’t we looking at the farmers who are busy making successful environmentally-friendly changes to see what can and is being done?

Collectively the primary industry which earned a record $46.4 billion in exports this year, is spending $25 million per annum towards mitigating and adapting to climate change. The general public, their customers, however, need to hear more about what farmers can do in relation to our waterways and climate change. They need to because, while we hear all the reasons they can’t, or it’s too hard, or they can only do it if they receive more funding and support, the truth is, there are already great Kiwi farmers out in our regions proving it can be done. These farmers are already doing it and their industry bodies are doing them a serious disservice.

Nicola Martin (Stuff.co.nz/Waikato Times)

With a focus on: Ian Harvey’s regenerative farming, Mike & Sharon Barton who run their farm with minimal environmental effect, Pauline & Adrian Ball who have reduced their nitrogen-leaching and carbon emissions substantially, and Owl Farm who have done the same.

The Regenerative Soil Solution:

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