Be More Profitable by Learning from the Best

“The closer you conform to nature, the more money will be left in your pocket.”

Ian Mitchell-Innes

Renowned educator in Holistic Management, Ian Mitchell-Innes is a man who learnt from his own costly mistakes and now travels the world teaching pastoral farmers how to use nature to make their farm more profitable, no matter what their environment.

On December 4th, we are lucky to have Ian running a workshop at Chaos Springs, Waihi (see below for link).

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best! Here are some comments from Ian’s previous workshops:

The best pasture meeting I have ever attended, anything holistic and grazing.

Ian was a hoot! Loved his approach and attitude both to grazing and life.

Ian was amazing! I think that was the best presentation and pasture walk I have ever been on!

Cover Photo Credit: Chepte Cormani (

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