Homeopathy: ODPG 2021 Conference

On March 21st and 22nd, we’ll be at Waitawheta Camp in Waihi to hold ‘Physics in Agriculture’, our 2021 Conference and AGM with five speaker and two farm field-trips. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

One of the subjects we’ll be covering is the use of Homeopathy on the farm and how the nature of the treatment can be explained by physics, with Tracey Simpson of Homeopathic Farm Services. As a farming advocate of homeopathy points out:

“… The key is in the results. You can’t use the placebo effect on livestock. At the end of the day, if it didn’t work we wouldn’t be using it.”

Nick Collins, Taranaki Daily News (via Stuff.co.nz)

Read more about the Collins’ use of Homeopathy on their farm as a proactive treatment to keep their stock healthy and prevent diseases.



This year our two-Day ODPG Conference & AGM is venturing into new territory…

With FIVE renowned speakers and TWO farm field-trips, we’ll be delving into the concepts of Biodynamics, Paramagnetism, Skeletal Sensory Shock, Electromagnetism, Infrared Radiation and Homeopathy as we investigate the role of Physics in Agriculture.

Cover Photo Credit: Eskimokerru (Pixabay.com)

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