TRUE HEALTH: 2021 Conference Sponsor Profile

For our 2021 Conference ‘PHYSICS IN AGRICULTURE’ on March 21st and 22nd in Waihi, our sponsor places were filled in record time!

TRUE HEALTH has been involved with the ODPG for a long time, with Phyllis Tichinin serving on the Executive Committee until last year. We’re delighted that they continue to be involved, joining us as a conference sponsor this year.

Here’s an introduction to the company, written by Phyllis:


Twenty years ago I thought aroma therapy was a hype game with no science behind it…somewhat embarrassing in hindsight. Doing months of research in 2009 on the properties of essential oils before bringing Dr Paul Dettloff’s remedies to New Zealand, I became convinced that there are valuable, and sometimes mind boggling, properties to essential oils.  It’s a universe of complex plant secondary metabolites – phenols, terpenes, sesquiterpenes, etc. Plant essential oils used in aroma therapy are the essence of a plant’s defence and communication. They are molecules that plants use to influence microbes, animals and other plants. They are messengers, stimulators, suppressors. Above all they are signals from the plant to its environment. Those oily signals have frequencies that determine what they do, what they impact and ultimately their healing qualities.  They are sources of resonances that help to re-establish resilience, diversity and  balance in an ecosystem. They are energy – physics. 

The True Health plant tinctures and essential oils are signalling molecules that can suppress pathogens, boost animal immune response and generally restore proper charge or energy flow (health)  to animals.  There’s so much to learn about this ancient treatment science. Essential oils like clove, tea tree, cinnamon, spruce are now documented to be the only substances that remain effective against antibiotic resistant infections like MRSA. They are capable of changing molecular charges and electron transport mechanisms.  They are biological substances with  core physics properties.

Ultimately, what we do with soils, microbes, plants in farming is not chemistry, it’s not even really biology. It’s physics – the flow of energy through systems – in this instance living soil systems.  It turns out that chemistry is merely a simplified short hand for physics.  When you  dig down deep into what’s happening in soils, plants and animals, it’s not adequately explained by chemical names or equations.  The ‘alive’ part of all of us is energy flow – how we connect to and conduct the flow of electrons that is the part and parcel of the earth’s magnetosphere.  Everything around us is conducting some level of electricity.  It’s practical physics in action.  All ecosystems are ultimately about energy flow  – who eats whom, what decomposes what – it’s all about energy transformation. Unfortunately, we’ve practically been taught to ignore biophysics. Bring on the ODPG Physics in Agriculture  Conference to begin to change that. 

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  • Enquiries: 027 465 1906
  • Address: PO Box 442 | Waipukurau | 4242
  • Contact: Phyllis Tichinin (CEO/Owner)



This year our two-Day ODPG Conference & AGM is venturing into new territory…

With FIVE renowned speakers and TWO farm field-trips, we’ll be delving into the concepts of Biodynamics, Paramagnetism, Skeletal Sensory Shock, Electromagnetism, Infrared Radiation and Homeopathy as we investigate the role of Physics in Agriculture.

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